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Talab is the founder of Wonbin Safari, and as a charismatic 8-year-old boy in the desert, he was very successful guiding tourist. Eventually, he got featured in a Korean documentary and his smile got him christened “Wonbin”, the South Korean heartthrob (hence the name of the hotel). When Talab turned 12, a Korean couple gifted him his first camel, which he named "Magic". Magic and Talab immediately began their journey, hosting travellers from across the world. He learned how to speak multiple languages (including English, Hindi, and Korean) without ever even attending school. Talab knows the desert like the back of his palm. Since he possessed a genuine passion for his work and had over a decade of experience behind him, he decided to open up Wonbin Safari in 2016. The new local travel agency started off with only one office, soon expanding by opening a hostel. He now runs a boutique hotel in the heart of Jaisalmer city. His life goal is to open a school house out in the desert so children can receive the education he never did.

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For a real chance to immerse yourself in the desert culture. All of our expert guides grew up in the desert and can tell you stories dating back generations. Bonus, they can speak English fluently! We take you to the remotest parts of the desert for an offbeat experience. You can go ahead & find your own North Star! We have a boutique hotel located in the centre of the city. Perfect to stay in and laze around all day or head out to the plethora of events the city has to offer. Your choice! We provide fresh, authentic traditional food and bottled drinking water. Eat with us like family!

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The Most Authentic Desert Safari in Jaislamer

Wonbin Safari provides the best safari packages that will take you to the heart of Jaisalmer. With our authentic safaris, you can experience Jaisalmer's desert life and be fascinated by its splendour. Desert safari in Jaisalmer contains several unique experiences that you should not miss, such as visiting gypsy villages and witnessing their way of life, feel the grandeur of desert camping, capture the breathtaking sunset view from the dunes, and much more.
Our camel safari on the Non-Touristic/Less-Touristic/Offbeat paths in the desert area is indeed the highlight of the Safari packages.

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New Year 2024 in the Desert Package

Package Cost : INR 5000 pax
Duration : 03:00 pm to next morning 11:00 am
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Safari Packages

Sunset Cultural Desert Safari Tour Package

Package Cost : INR 2250 pax
Duration : 2:00 PM to 10:30 PM
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Safari Packages

Sunset Adventure Safari

Package Cost : INR 2250 pax
Duration : 2:00 pm to 10:30 pm
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All Day Desert Safari Tour

Package Cost : INR 2500 pax
Duration : 11:30 AM to 10:30 pm
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